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I’m a computer scientist with a theoretical background but mostly oriented to software development and technical skills. Although familiar with computer architectures, computer networks and operating systems, my main areas of interest are software development and web development. I also have a basic knowledge of economic, finance and marketing. I am enthusiastic and passionate about almost everything about information and technology, and I’m improving and expanding everyday my knowledge and skills.


iOS Development
Search Engine Optimization


iOS App Designer - Alive Mobile

I work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of Business Consultants, UX/UI Designers and Designers in order to facilitate the creation of products that help the world to work better. I’m involved throughout the Product Design process as products are designed, developed and tested. I’m responsible in the delivery of the application to ensure the product realises its value to the business.

Freelance iOS Developer

Starting with my master thesis, I got more and more deep into iOS programming and I continued to practice and work both as personal hobby and also for third parties customers. My last personal project is also available in the AppStore. More info here.

iOS Developer - clapp mobile gmbh

I was supporting the already existing iOS dev team, implementing new features and improving upon existing ones. I was able to improve my objective-c programming skills and my knowledge of the iOS APIs. I was also responsible of the application building and distributing process.

SEO, Web Marketing, Web Developer - RTR Sports Marketing

I was responsible of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and content optimization for the RTR Sports online portal. I was in charge of the complete restyling of the website which involved first a user-test analysis of the old one and then design and implementation of the new one. Finally i took part to the web marketing strategy planning, understanding web analytics data and suggesting strategies to increase traffic on the website.

SEO Consultant, Web Developer - My LEN Style

First i had to analyse the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market to satisfy specific necessity of the company and then to select one between Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. I choose Shopify and then i had to configure, add plugins and test everything. Then I added code in order to support multi language feature and I edited a part in the theme code for responsive purposes. The e-commerce was optimised also for SEO/SEM purposes. Finally I started a social marketing campaign on the most famous social network channels.


Master Degree in Computer Science - University of Bologna

Knowledge of the methods, techniques and tools for the development of systems and applications that are based on Information and Communication Technologies.

Open-minded and flexible approach for the solution of problems and the rapid learning of innovative methodologies and technologies.

Qualified for work requiring knowledge of scientific method.

Exchange Programme in Computer Engineering - Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

Acquired the necessary analytical, mathematical, decision-making, computing, communication, teamwork and leadership skills that can be used to creatively design, implement, manage, maintain and improve a wide spectrum of computer hardware, software and information systems in the modern society. 

Bachelor Degree in Internet Sciences - University of Bologna

Acquired ability to work in complex areas of computer use, coordinating within firms and markets. Acquired knowledge of the methods, techniques and tools for the development of economic, organisational and scientific systems and applications that are based on computer and communications technology, as well as the general knowledge necessary for actively appreciating and contributing to the evolution of the discipline. 


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